marți, 19 iulie 2011

PRIETENI: oameni-animale...This is amazing!!

Our Labor of Love
(Full Length Documentary about Out of Africa Wildlife Park)

Cum as putea explica aceasta frumoasa prietenie dintre oameni si animalele carnivore care, in mod firesc, ucid cu sange rece? Cred ca putem discuta cu adevarat despre o alta perspectiva asupra vietii...

Iata cateva comentarii ale celor celor care au viionat documentarul pe youtube: 

(personal, marturisesc ca asa ceva nu am vazut in viata mea!)

 I was just so impressed...

Simply amazing!

I wish could be there!!!


I can sometimes be a faithless person, and so I really appreciate the fact that this video gave me just a bit more faith in life. Thanks for sharing your selves with us this way. The leadership is by example. Thanks for setting the example.

Hi, Dear. I am telling to people all over the world about your job and telling them to watch the vids. GRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA­AT work. MAAAARVELOUS!!!!! I am one of million fans of yours. Did you make any experience with them with music?!

Thanks to be aliiiiveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!11

Great film. It's a shame there aren't more parks like this. Looks like an amazing place, keep up the good work.

Wow that's amazing. We show compassion to our own species all the time, is it really that hard to imagine showing that same compassion cross-species. Places like this prove that humans and animals can get along cooperatively, and we needn't necessarily be afraid of them, just respectful. Just as you wouldn't walk into someone else's home, animals feel threatened when a complete stranger approaches them too.

This was amazing, I hate zoos, and places like SeaWorld, but this...just awesome.

Extraordinary! Amazing! This is the Eden! Thanks for sharing with us your incredible videos! Fiorella :)

best video i seen so far on youtube!

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